NAECO designs and creates multi-level scientific-research complexes for large researching vessels.

Научно-исследовательские работы
Научно-исследовательские работы

Research vessels equipped with NAECO complexes, designed to solve the following tasks:

  • Information support of activities aimed at continental shelf boundary line defning

  • The geological structure studying and the continental shelf resource potential determination by geological environment monitoring as well as physical fields measuring above the seabottom and mapping

  • Information support for World-wide ocean resources development, in particular, monitoring of energy, mineral and biological resources located on the sea bottom, subsoil of the seabed and in the superjacent waters

  • State control and regulation of minerals prospecting in the World-wide ocean, taking into account the interests of the state

  • The study of deep petroleum and gas fields, cryohydrate gas fields, sedimentary rocks and benthos communities, aimed at the mineral resources searching

  • Marine environment protection and preservation. Studying of the ecological situation change dynamics in the in the World-wide ocean and, in particular, in the Arctic Basin, which is the most important indicator of environmental safety ensuring and Russian Federation sustainable development

  • The bottom structure studying for safety ensuring of the underwater structures construction

  • Operational information support of rescue efforts and emergency response operations

Схема научных исследований Naeco


Региональный центр обработки информации
Центр обработки данных

It´s complex multi-level system, which allows:

  • operational control over the ecological environment of the region

  • illegal ejections detection

  • measures to reduce possible negative region environmental consequences

  • identifying of polluters

  • justifying information for penalties.

Экологический самолет
Экологический катер


  • unique tool for professionals

  • accuracy of the received data

  • prompt response

  • objectivity in resolving

  • reliability and serviceability

  • correspond to Russian Federation rules and regulations

Схема работы регионального центра обработки данных