Used for scientific research in inland waters and oceans.

Complexes provide control of water parameters, bottom sediments and the surface layer of the patrol area of aquatory, video inspection of bottom areas, underwater structures and beach approach, water surface location and water column ultrasonic sounding.

Исследовательское судно Академик Курчатов
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Исследовательское судно Дмитрий Менделеев


  • Geological structure research of the continental shelf and potential resource determination by geological environment monitoring, physical fields measuring above the ocean bottom, mapping

  • Information support for the World Ocean resources development, monitoring of energy, mineral and biological resources located on the bottom, subsoil and in the covering waters, in particular

  • Regulation of the resource survey and natural resource monitoring in the World Ocean in compliance with the interests of the state

  • Researching of oil and gas bearing zones, cryohydrate gas deposits, sedimentary rocks and benthic communities oriented to mineral exploration

  • Marine environment protection and preservation, research of changes in ecological situation for the World Ocean and the Arctic Basin, in particular

  • Bottom structure research to ensure the safety protection of the underwater structure construction

  • Operational information support of rescue works, emergency response and recovery


  • For scientific research vessels

  • For manned scientific underwater vessels