Used for operative ecological control. Complex allows detecting of exceeding parameter value or components concentration while researching of air, bottom sediment and water including seawater, river water, lake water, treated wastewater, groundwater, surface water, technological water.

Mobile complex enable transporting to the any location point it is required to measure of parameters and the characteristics of water, bottom sediments and air. The compact size of the complex and high go-anywhere mobility allows to organise the operational ecological control in places with difficult transport access.

Мобильный природоохранный комплекс
Мобильный природоохранный комплекс
Мобильный природоохранный комплекс


  • Operative ecological control of the water environment state at a given location

  • Ecological situation monitoring at the given location

  • Water and air environment components determination for technological processes controlling of different enterprises

  • Water analysis (including laboratory)

  • Analysis and research carried out immediately after sampling

  • The results of research and measurements are suitable for authorities, for example, as a basis for amercement on organizations