NAECO is the brand that unites scientific and technical trends and technologies of several Russian enterprises, including the military-industrial sector enterprises, in creation of technology for marine research.

The distinctive feature of NAECO products and solutions is the measurement of water and air (surface layers) environment parameters directly aboard of moving carriers (sea and underwater vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, remotely operated vehicles) in real time.

The measurements are made in the range up to several thousand meters underwater of near-surface layers and continental shelf.

NAECO has more than 50 years experience in the complexes creation for civil and military applications. Our complexes are unique.


  • Multi-channel hydrophysical information-measuring systems

  • Facilities for measuring water, air, soil, bottom soil environment parameters

  • Research systems for execution of works on the continental shelf

  • Shipboard complexes for ecological control

  • Mobile complexes for current ecological control

  • Facilities for deepsea research

  • Facility carriers

  • Equipment for carriers and work providing

  • Simulators

  • Applied hydrodynamics

Development and creation trends of unique facilities that measure hydrochemical and hydrophysical fields, detection of marine environment anomalies were started in 1967.

The creation of shipboard ecological control complexes, the new trend on the basis of accumulated experience was created in 1991. The complexes are provided measurement of hydrochemical and hydrophysical parameters directly on the moving ship-carrier board at several horizons. Complexes for special carriers (catamarans and fixed platforms) were developed and put in practice.

Numerous expeditions using the shipboard complexes for ecological control of rivers, canals, lakes and seas in Russia were established the practice.
In 1995, first time in the world, the air drone, launched directly from the ship-carrier, shipboard ecological control complex was used for ecological control together with a group of ships.

In 2016, developers of technologies, products and solutions combined 50 years experience and their efforts to develop new scientific and technical trends within one brand – NAECO.

The basis of the NAECO is the cooperation of top-ranked professionals with extensive experience in industry.

The NAECO employees are 6 Doctors of Technical Science, 26 Candidates of Technical Science, postgraduates, graduates from the leading Russian Federation universities.

All enterprises that create NAECO products and solutions are independent legally and they develop the uniform scientific-technical policy.

Cooperation of the enterprises within the NAECO brand allows to organize the full development cycle: from analysis of customer’s requirements, selecting of the best system configurations, designing and manufacturing of modules, to commissioning of equipment, service support and training.