PERMANENT SAMPLING SYSTEM 2018-07-20T16:19:05+00:00

Used for permanent water samples suppling from the surface layers of water area to the analytical facilities (for example, located on vessel) and single sampling for detailed analysis (for example, land-based laboratory).

Система непрерывного пробоотбора
Система непрерывного пробоотбора
Система непрерывного пробоотбора


  • Automatic sampling

  • Sampling from remote zones of aquatory

  • Permanent, periodic or one-off analysis of samples

  • Water sample permanent refreshing

  • Sample dosing

  • Automatic cleaning of internal components

  • Ability to work as integrated part of the automated complex


Operating Temperature +2°C … +35°C
Analysed Sample Temperature 0°C … +35°C
Main line feed speed on the conduits Permanent Sampling System selected from the water and submitted for water samples analysis volume (flow) – no less than 1 dm³
linear – no less than 0.6 m/s
Taken Single Sample Time of 1 dm³ less than 1 min
Submitted filtration samples stages number for analysis to the equipment of the Express Hydrochemical Research Complex – one, for the technique of performing measurements of the dissolved petroleum products mass concentration in natural and treated sewage by the fluorimetric method in the flow-injection mode. The size of samples suspended particles after filtration is no more than 200 μm
– three, for other measurement techniques. The size of samples suspended particles after filtration is no more than 0.5 μm
Single Samples, Selected for Detailed Analysis not filtered
Power AC 50 Hz, 220 V
Weight no more than 200 kg
Enclosure for the Main Operating Units 1600 х 700 х 700 mm
Suspended Particles Size at the Outlet of the Sample Delivery Pipelines no more than 100 μm
Mean Time Between Failures no more than 6000 hours
Average Lifespan no more than 6 years