Used for operational ecological control and continuous measurements of hydrochemical and hydrophysical parameters in the water surface layer or in the water column with the construction of the vertical profile as the measuring probe is immersed, with reference to the geographical coordinates and measurement interval.


  • Measurement of the water environment composition, physical and chemical properties

  • Water multicomponent control in order to observe the current situation and identify the operative response need

  • Operative detection of water parameters variability at the selected depth

  • Operative detection of water changes with minimal staff operating

  • Determination of short-term water quality worsening

  • Measurement of water environment parameters on the placements

  • Water quality analysis information preparation for transmission to the automated quality control systems

Автономная измерительная система


System consists of the control module and one immersion device – the system for measuring hydrochemical and hydrophysical

Maximum working depth of immersion can be 50 m, 200 m or 600 m which selected depending on the tasks and requirements of the Customer.


This set allows connection of the other measurement instruments, analyzers and additional equipment, depending on the Customer’s tasks and requirements.

This set allows to carry out measurements and research by means of various immersion devices: the hydrochemical and hydrophysical parameters measurement system, the gamma-spectrometer, the fluorometer-turbidimeter. They are connected alternately to one connector of the set.

Advanced set can also be further provided with the metrological station, portable express hydrochemical analysis complex, remotely operated vehicle, profilograph, sonar or side-scan sonar, lowering and lifting device, set of bathometers, additional battery unit, mains adapters and other equipment.