Used for water sampling at depths up to 600 m and water parameters monitoring complex placing.

Contains: 12 bathometers, each volume is 2.6 liters. Number of bathometers can be increased up to 24 pcs, the volume can also be changed in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.

Батометрическая корзина


  • Water sampling at depths up to 600 m for further analysis

  • Measurements of hydrological, hydrophysical and hydrochemical characteristics in continuous mode

  • Gamma-radiation characteristics analysis

  • Fluorimetry

  • Variability of water parameters operational monitoring, with a minimal personnel attendance

  • Flow speed and direction determining

  • Registration of the flow velocity vector profile

  • Received information processing and its transferring to other researching systems or ecological complexes

Carousel Sampling System with the water parameters monitoring complex can be additionally equipped in accordance with the Customer’s requirements with:

  • Echo sounders
  • Sonars
  • Navigation equipment
  • Equipment for transmission of the measurement data results
  • Systems for achieving, analysis and processing of measurement results
  • Other equipment