• dual frequency side-scan sonar

  • linear acoustic sub-bottom profiler

  • altimeter

  • pressure sensor

  • sensors of careen, trim difference and magnetic course

Used for geological exploration, hydrographic, search, rescue and other works at depth of up to 500 meters. It allows hydroacoustic images obtaining of the bottom surface in high and low resolution, the acoustic profiling of the sedimentary cover, high-precision measurements of the place depth.

It allows calculating its location, taking into account the length of the etched cable-rope.


Weight no more than 80 kg
Input Voltage 270 V … 330 V
Input Power no more than 100 V*A
Frequency of High-frequency Side-scanning 390 kHz
Frequency of Low-frequency
75 kHz
Acoustic Profiler Frequency 10 kHz
Altimeter Frequency 100 kHz
Optimal Towing Height 15 m … 75 m
Maximum Depth 500 m